Stpehanie, Adam, and Jack Grandy

Hopetown, The Abacos

Visited from Cincinnati April 14-22, 2017.  

Drinks at Cracker's P's, Lubbers Quarters.


Having fun at another beautiful beach.  

Shallows off Tahiti Beach

Jack playing and walking in the "gin" clear water collecting Sea Biscuits.

Matt, Amy, Alia, Kira BonDurant

Hopetown, The Abacos

Visited from Seattle March 19-31, 2017.

Sunset tradition - conch blowing





Kira doing a great job too.


Cat & Matt Visit

Visited from Sanford, FL.  March 13-20, 2017

Stephanie, Adam, Jack Visit

March 24-April 1, 2016

The Exumas


Reis & Susan Smith

March 6-11, 2016

Grand Bahamas Yacht Club, Port Lucaya, Grand Bahamas.

Mariah, Thomas, Debbie, Myron Parrish

December 1, 2015

Ft. Myers to Cape Coral Cruise.

Stepahnie, Adam, Jack Grandy

March 28-April 4, 2015.

Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas


Chuck & Terri Leutze

May 23-26, 2015

Oriental, NC

Kristy & Tom Corkran

April 27-28, 2014

Jekyll Island, GA

The Wright Clan

April 4, 2014

Tampa, FL.


Stephanie & Jack

Marsh 28-29, 2014

Tampa, FL

Troy, Toni, Nic, Vince, Jacklyn, Greco Bouzakis, Kira, Roy, Alia

Marsh 23, 2014

Tampa, FL

Matt, Amy, Alia, Kira BonDurant

March 20-28, 2015

Tampa, FL


Cindy's sister, Donna

January 21-31, 2014.

Key West, FL

Kristy & Tom Corkan

January 5-10, 2014

"The Porch".  Key West, FL

Stephanie, Adam, Jack

December 28-January 4, 2015

Key West, FL  at Schooners Wharf


Debbie & Myron Parrish

Left Ft. Lauderdale, FL. December 2, 2014, cruised the FL Keys for 10 days.  Arrived Key West December 12, 2014.  Cleaning Classic Cyn

Stephanie, Adam, Jack

May 31-June 6.  New York City. 

Anna, Peter, Elena, Lucas Tan visited for dinner.  

Socko Tom visisting Socko Cindy

April 19-21, 2014.  Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC.